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those are our pride and quality guarantee

akzo nobel logo International company headquatered in Netherlands. Some of brands in AkzoNobel portoflio were created by Alfrer Nobel, swedish inventor and founder of famous prize. The most recognizable brands owned by AkzoNobel are Dulux, Sikkens, Hammerite, Nobiles and Sadolin. Here, at Sezam, we sell AkzoNobel varnishes and adhesives as well as Sikkens and Dynacoat products.


American company that offers more than 50 000 products nearly from every industry. Production is located in 132 plants around the world. 3M has invented such products as waterproof sandpaper, masking tape and Post It sticky notes. Also 3M fabric was used to produce 1969 lunar mission boots. This company is one of five the best managed company in USA and achieved 101 place on Fortune 500 list.


Mirka Ltd. is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, supplementary products and complete sanding systems, even in the hardest polishing activities.

Polish distributor and service of  tinsmithing and lacquering workshops. NTS offers complex paintshops, consumables, electric and pneumatic tools such brands as Usi Millibar, BlackHawk, Cebor, Tecna, Tewin, Uni-Ram, Rupes or NTools.

British enterprise founded by a group of enthustiasts with experience in Automotive industry gained for over 30 years. Creating research&development centers, plants and training center Roar polishing tries to meet  Client expectations, technical requirements and accessible cost for end users.

That, what happened more than century ago in Frank’s simple labolatory, evolved into enterprise bonding four generations of Maguiar family. Frank could not have imagined what could happen with his company and flagship polishing product. Meguiars family have promised themselves to provide products and build relations that unite enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.

Global brand giving work to more than 11 thousands of people In 79 countries in 76 productions plants, R&D centers and laboratories. These numbers provide ongoing work on reducing contamination and enhancing comfort during working and fitting sandpapers to Client expectations.

Sikkens logo

Compan begun its history in 1792, when iert Willem Sikkens opened small paint factory. First research center was opened in 1924. In 1993 Akzo, in which group have been Sikkens, has merged with Nobel, swedish company producing varnishes and polishes sinc 1871. New company was named AkzoNobel. Trademark, as Rubbol, Cetol and Alpha have been preserved. Some of Sikkens quality proofs are facts, that McDonald’s and Disney chose Sikkens as their coatings global supplier. As now, Sezam offers Sikkens wood and car refinish coatings. This products range are complex chemicals dedicated for two industries.