“Furniture of the highest gloss” article

In July we published in “Meble, materiały i akcesoria” (“Furniture, materials and accesories”) an article describing our experience and AkzoNobel/3M products. Feel invated to read.


Furniture of the highest gloss

First rule of exotic wood furniture production is: use the right chemicals. If we use those  poor ones, we will meet troubles in final products and our clients will not be satisfied. Our Cooperation with an and 3m is an excellent example of detail-oriented and customer focused system.



„Partnership with AkzoNobel company is crucial for us. I cannot imagine  essential cooperation with Client selling deficient products.”  says Przemysław Kaczmarek Wood Division chief in Sezam.

AKZONOBEL ADHESIVES – harmless durability

Adhesives are good example that we can meet both savings and quality growth. We offer both reactive and non-reactive products. Reactive adhesives are technological modernity in fixing different materials. Our assortment covers the following wood adhesive technologies: amine, urea-formaldehyde based, melamine-formaldehyde based and EPI. Bonds created by such chemicals are temperature and humidity ressistant. Strenght of the adhesives is possible due to two features –  crosslinking inside adhesive and  sticked materials penetration. That solution gives good effects. Nowadays main goal of AkzoNobel is lowering formaldehyde emission. When cosidering law formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogenic product of the third category – as you an see not severly. Some institutions, however, have tightened the requirements – for example, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (subject to the WHO World Health Agency) did it. Now it listed as “carcerogenic for people”. As Kaczmarek notices – „companies are trying to fit in to customers’ expectations and those are focused on their own health and environment.  Thanks AkzoNobel we can meet such expactations.” Not very long ago it seemed to be impossible to eliminate or even reduce formaldehyde emission In some products. AkzoNobel again proved it was onlly a matter of time. „We introduce low-emission or formaldehydeless adhesives systems into manfucatures with success. What is important, we do not loose on quality and time” adds Kaczmarek. As you can see – it is possibile.

FURNITURE COATINGS – durability and functionality

AkzoNobel Wood Coatings

This comprehensive serie of products is dedicated for professional outdoor Wood furniture treatment.  Products range is divided into following stages of wood processing and provides different lacquers – varnishes by water-based varnishes, aqueous UV, 100% UV, oils and waxes. AkzoNobel philosophy is clear: constant growth, enviromental-friendly products, quality increasing and market trends following. Ecology becomes more and more important – key goal is to reduce emission of volatile organic compounds named VOC.

Alkyd PU

Provides good resistance to physical and chemical factors as well as good water resistance. Some products are also available water-based. Due to research and development also yellowing process was reduced.

Water-based coatings

These products have the lowest emission (excluding UV coatings). Two-component varnishes cross-linked with a polyurethane hardener have the resistance comparable with two-component solvent-based varnishes. Water systems guarantee simple operation without odors and lack of  dangerous materials provides simplified transport and storage. Devices and tools can be cleaned by water Only. „ We have more and more clients looking for wated-based products. Education and ecolology awareness is rising. Lack of complicated chemicals, despite some downisides, is a great facilitation. What is the most important – such eco-friendly systems have much less legal regulations in comparison with other solvents.” explains Michał Hadaś, wood coatings product menager in Sezam. 

OUTDOOR CARPENTRY – resistance to chaniging conditions

Comprehensive serie of products dedicated to garden furniture and outdoor carpentry. Products range begins with impregnates and undercoats. Following step is a wide range selections of varnishes and coatings – intermediate, surface, with natural effect and for special applications. This serie is completed with post-assembly and care products.

AUXILIARY MATERIALS IN PRODUCTION – important, but invisible

Supplied by 3M materials include adhesive and masking types abrasive papers and polishing materials. Materials supplied by 3M include adhesive and masking tapes, abrasive papers and polishing materials. “As you can find on the manufacturer website – the most important thing is efficiency. And again – repeated by us like a mantra: it is worth focusing on the optimization of the production process instead of just at the lowest purchase price “- sums up Kaczmarek. In addition, you can find Festool tools in the assortment. Cutting, milling, grinding, planing and suction – each of these activities requires absolute precision in handling the tool while working in wood. And here the answer is only one – Festool.


„We try to to give substantive suport and production knowledge. We do not sell products and say „goodbye”. Not here. Our technological sales advisors have been in the industry for many years. They do know their clients and follow their needs. We know solutions for productions failures. If we do not know, we look for knowledge In wide range of resources. We were really pulled in by this industry and it holds us firmly. Like adhesive (laugh)” sum up Kaczmarek and Hadaś.

Sezam is enterprise from Września that started its history almost thirty years ago. Since 1990s they have sold varnishes, adhesives and auxiliary materials. It is vital for them to make a detailed diagnosis, consulting and substantive after-sales care. Sezam is AkzoNobel wholesale agent – offer consists of adhesives, varnishes for outdoor and indoor furniture. Auxiliary materials ale supplied by 3M.